Allowing your employees to work remotely

As told by founder and CEO Tony Seminary, June 2021 (Note: this article is for the tech sector and not necessarily advocating for other sectors or industries). Now that people are getting vaccinated, one of the biggest narratives in the corporate world is employers trying to determine what their work from home (WFH) policy will be going forward. Like many recruiters ...

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Lessons learned from launching a website

Lessons learned from launching a website As told by founder and CEO Tony Seminary (March 2021) Recently my company IT Motives had our website updated and it looks great! I want to give a big shout out to our digital marketing agency partner Sproutbox Media for helping deliver to us such an amazing new-and-improved website. Having said that I thought I ...

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Episode #3 on Jan 22, 2021 – Mark Bryant, DAT Freight & Analytics

Mark Bryant, Vice President of Technology with DAT Freight & Analytics joins the Triple T show! Mark talks about his story, why he initially got into tech…which might surprise you…what it’s like to work for DAT over the last 10 years, the sizzle behind DAT, and that they are (wink, wink) hiring in engineering and other departments…both in Portland and Denver. ...

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Hiring: should I use external or internal recruiters? Or both?

Are you hiring or plan to be anytime soon? There is much debate with regards to talent acquisition and whether companies ought to be using external recruiters, hiring internal recruiters, or doing a combination of both. So when should you use one strategy over the other or a combination of possibly all three strategies? There is no right or wrong answer ...

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Episode #2 on Dec 21, 2020 – Kishore Bhattacharjee, Navis

Kishore Bhattacharjee, Vice President of Engineering for Navis joins the Triple T show! Kishore talks about his story and how horse racing of all things really accelerated his move from the systems to the software side of technology. We also discuss the customer obsession culture and mindset that Navis has, and that Navis is currently hiring and will be next year ...

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I am Tech Oregon: Tony Seminary

Featuring Tony Seminary CEO – IT Motives – December 14, 2020 The Technology Association of Oregon (TAO) began highlighting its members during 2020 with their “Meet Our Members” series. Many of their initial guests were CEOs or members of the TAO Board of Directors and as they continued this series during 2020 and into 2021, their aim was to highlight the ...

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