Technology Recruiting

Founded in 2008, IT Motives helps our clients with Executive Search, Direct Placement, and Contract Staffing.

IT Motives is a Native American minority-owned business, and we are proud of our heritage and where we came from. Our values of building long-term relationships and integrity, along with our deep specialized network of candidates makes us an easy choice to work with.

Our Core Purpose (Our Why)

Why do we come work everyday? Because we are passionate about building long-term relationships, growing people, and making career connections.


Our Core Values

Long-Term Relationships

Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were our relationships. We work very hard to establish and keep our relationships, and we value long-term relationships.


This is what you do when others aren’t looking, and we hold ourselves to very high ethical standards.


Showing up every day with a great attitude, knowing that the little things you do on a daily basis really do add up.


Partnering internally and externally in a manner where everyone wins. We work with people and organizations, we don’t deal with them.


Being enthusiastic about what it is you’re doing, and giving your very best every day. We love what we do!



Finding and connecting talented, passionate people to their best cultural and technical fit.


Serve our communities as the recognized IT recruiting leader.


Our success stems from staying true to our roots, and working with the best and the brightest people who meet our standards for skill, integrity, work ethic, and collaboration.


IT Motives will constantly earn our clients trust by fostering long-term relationships built on honest communication, true partnership, and dependable performance.