Welcome to i.t.motives

i.t.motives is a niche technology recruiting company in Portland, Oregon and we take a *very* holistic approach to recruiting. We trust you’ll have an exceptional experience working with us at i.t.motives, and we would love to work with you!

Our recruiting services at i.t.motives include: Executive Search, Direct Hire, and Contract Staffing, both on a retained and contingent basis.

At i.t.motives we spend the extra time with our clients in the beginning of a candidate search to understand not only the hard skills needed, but also the all-important soft skills you are looking for. We are very detailed in selecting the candidates we submit to you so you don’t have to comb through a bunch of unqualified resumes. We’ll do that work for you so you receive the cream of the crop.

i.t.motives is a Native American minority-owned business, and we are proud of our heritage and where we came from. Our values of building long-term relationships and hard work, along with our deep specialized network of candidates makes us an easy choice to work with.

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Our Advantages

Our Team offers recruiting experience of 50+ years in recruiting and talent acquisition.

We work holistically with our clients and candidates to help coach and advise them with regards to talent acquisition...from hiring the best candidate to finding the next great opportunity. We are passionate about building long-term relationships, and we show great care and empathy for the people we work with.

Further, we are very much involved in the community and do our part to help with the technology ecosystem to create, sponsor, and attend technology meetups and user groups for like-minded professionals to attend.

We give personalized attention and value long-term relationships, and we would love to work with you.

Core Values

Long-Term Relationships, Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were our relationships. We work very hard to establish and keep our relationships, and we value long-term relationships.

Integrity, this is what you do when others aren’t looking, and we hold ourselves to very high ethical standards.

Consistency, showing up every day with a great attitude, knowing that the little things you do on a daily basis really do add up.

Collaboration, partnering internally and externally in a manner where everyone wins. We work with people and organizations, we don’t deal with them.

Passion, being enthusiastic about what it is you’re doing, and giving your very best every day!