Hire the Right People

At IT Motives we spend the extra time with our clients in the beginning of a candidate search to understand not only the hard skills needed, but also the all-important soft skills you are looking for. We are very detailed in selecting the candidates we submit to you, so you don’t have to comb through a bunch of unqualified resumes. We’ll do that work for you so you receive the best candidates.

Our Competitive Advantages

  1. We spend a great deal of time understanding our client and candidate needs.​ We fully understand tech fit is not the only important element when placing people into positions. ​Cultural fit is often just as important, so we spend ample time understanding each client that we work with.​
  2. We are quality focused. IT Motives has only paid back two placement warranties to our client partners during the past 10+ years! ​How have we kept the quality so high? See competitive advantage #1.​
  3. We are super community focused as we actively attend, sponsor, and create networking events.​ We have access to passive candidates at these events that we eventually turn into bonafide candidates for you, our clients.
  4. IT Motives is selective about who we hire internally as our average employee stays 4+ years. In addition, we internally prepare all of our new Recruiters and Account Managers with an immersive and comprehensive training program that teaches them about our industry, clients, technology, and jargon.​ The IT Motives training program is second to none in our industry!
  5. IT Motives will never boast about being the biggest or oldest recruiting company. What we lack in size we make up for in tenacity and passion for the industry. We are a mission-driven organization that works every day to ensure our reputation stays true to the values in which we were founded.

Our Guarantee

We believe in our ability to match you up with the right employee each and every time. So much so that we guarantee it. For anyone we place with a client if the hiring manager doesn’t feel as though our employee is working out within their first 40 hours, we won’t invoice you.

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