Our References

“Having worked with IT Motives for over 10 years I can confidently say they are a top notch firm. Simply put, they are a group of people that care. They care about you as an individual and you as the potential employer. They go out of their way to understand you and the company culture, striving to get that perfect fit. This is what I would want sitting on either side of the table.”

Javan Smith: Executive Vice President of Development: Syntellis Performance Solutions (formerly Kaufman Hall)

We worked with Aliina and her colleagues at IT Motives when we were going through a big increase of our software engineering team. We had both some challenging technical roles to fill and a distinctive engineering culture we wanted to preserve. Aliina was patient with us as we sorted through candidates, and IT Motives made sure all of the candidates we were interested in were on track with our interview process. The most important thing, though, was that Aliina got us – she understood the kinds of candidates we were most interested in.  Through her help, our hiring round was a huge success with diverse candidates. Our new team members are amazing contributors and have made our culture even stronger. We’re so grateful to Aliina and IT Motives for helping make our big hiring round such a success.

James Smith: Director of Engineering: Lumen Learning

“IT Motives has been an incredible partnership for our family as their team placed both my husband and I! We have felt that IT Motives has kept our best interest in mind, continually checking-in to see how we are doing and how they can support us. IT Motives has seen us through a move to Bend, finding remote work and transitioning into parenthood. We are very grateful to have found the IT Motives team and know that they are in our corner always rooting for us. Thank you!”

– Brianna York-Torres: Senior Consultant: The Gunter Group (and Alejandro Torres: Senior Project Manager: ePromos Promotional Products)

“I have had a professional relationship with IT Motives for several years and while working at several employers. They have always been able to provide excellent candidates for the position(s) that I was trying to fill. They are great to partner with and really “dig in” to understand the needs of the hiring manager, including soft skills like culture, communication and team fit, in addition to the hard skills that are required.”

– Mike Portwood: Software Engineering Manager: Nvoicepay

“I have had the pleasure of working with IT Motives as both a recruit and as a hiring manager. They are a fantastic partner that takes a deep dive into who you are as a person and they do the same with every company they work with.

This understanding and open communication in regards to feedback and questions makes IT Motives the first recruiter I contact when I post a new job and the first place I send friends and family who are looking for work.”

 Steven Stanley: Senior Vice President of Technology: ePromos Promotional Products



“Over several years we have developed a collaborative relationship with IT Motives. They have taken the time to get to know us and understand our business needs. All the staff we have worked with at IT Motives have been very attentive to our needs and responsive to our feedback during a search process. We have successfully filled multiple technical and project management roles with qualified candidates presented to us by IT Motives.”

– Scott Clark: Director of IT: Energy Trust of Oregon

“I have worked closely with IT Motives for nearly a decade building and modifying my software engineering team across the healthcare IT domain.

IT Motives has consistently provided exceptional talent. For me, I need look no further as they have always delivered. They are a trusted, proven, and insightful partner. Treat yourself and your firm to a big win and hire them. They are truly Sui Generis (in a class by itself)!”

James DiLella: Vice President of Software Engineering and Product Development: IVI RMA Global


“I’m grateful to have worked with the staff at IT Motives. IT Motives placed me in a key role for the success of my career several years ago. Throughout the process, they kept me informed, worked with me during negotiations, and even presented me to the interview panel in-person. Aliina and Angelo even took me out to lunch after a month to check in on me and make sure the position was still a good fit.

When needing to fill a role as a manager, I worked with the IT Motives group to find a qualified candidate. They took the time to understand the role as well as what I was looking for in terms of culture and qualifications, then delivered quality candidates.

The key factor in IT Motives’ approach is the people factor. They want to know who they are working with to make sure they are filling your needs and not just theirs.”

– Kevin Rich: Software Engineering Manager: Umpqua Bank

“I have been partnering with IT Motives for over 6 years to help me source talent with hard to find or high demand skills. With IT Motives, I feel I have a real long-term partner in our recruiting efforts that cares about our company, as well as the candidate. IT Motives ensures a good culture fit to our team in addition to the skill matching. The IT Motives team spends time understanding our technical needs, how I manage my department, as well as the values of myself and our company to find candidates that are truly a great fit.

I don’t have to wade through mountains of resumes anymore, when IT Motives submits a candidate, I know they have been vetted to match my needs and they are a high-quality candidate for us to evaluate. I also know that the candidate has been brought up to speed on our company and our expectations, so they know what they are walking into as well. I highly recommend IT Motives to anyone looking for a recruiting partner, as they will take great care of you.”

– Troy Liesinger: Software Engineering Manager: AWS

“I’ve had a professional relationship with IT Motives since it began and have known the principals many years longer. They have represented me with several employers over those years and in each case I felt prepared and confident walking into the interview thanks to their guidance.

I trust them in every encounter to provide me with an accurate and honest assessment of an employer and position. It’s this attention to detail that inspires confidence and sets IT Motives apart from the rest.

I know that they will always represent me with the same high level of professionalism and integrity that I demand of myself. The highest praise that I can give is to recommend them to respected colleagues, as I have done many times.”

– Floyd Roell: Senior Database Administrator: Energy Trust of Oregon