2598 Senior Software Test Engineer

Location: Portland, OR

Our client is looking for an engineer to join a small, nimble, highly skilled, and collaborative team. We are working to deliver better healthcare outcomes for our growing populations, while reducing costs. We practice code-based prototyping, RSpec test development, and pull request code reviews (ticket tracking, acceptance testing, etc.) to produce high-quality code and improve our products. Please send your resume to We value and encourage diversity in the workplace and women, minorities, and veterans are highly encouraged to apply. Thank you.

Job Type: FTE

Additional Information:
Job Description:
• Development of test strategy, and aligned test plans for the various components of our core platform
• Develop unique test strategies in conjunction with custom client implementations
• Influence engineering practices to continuously reflect best practices for quality engineering
• Design and implementation of test automation scripts for functional and integration tests
• Incorporate test execution results into core build/release processes
• Works closely with development team to incorporate test efforts into delivery plan
• Supports quality coverage and conformance reporting for releases
• Develops and manages public platform KPIs and adherence plan

• Long experience in software test planning and execution
• Years of hands on experience with functional test automation tools (Selenium-based, Cypress, etc.)
• Experience with API-based testing (endpoint execution and model conformance)
• Experience and knowledge of load testing tools and strategies, and performance test strategies
• Knowledge of dynamic security testing approaches and tools (PEN testing)
• Experience with exploratory and negative/boundary testing strategies

Measures of Success:
• You raise the engineering team awareness and focus on quality engineering on a daily basis
• Act as quality 'spirit guide' to your peers and organization at large
• Show a constant focus on automation and evidence-based metrics that prove quality of release in an unassailable manner
• You strive to work yourself (and team by extension) out of manual tasks
• Team and partners see you as a trusted confidante to improve organization and platform overall