Our client is passionate about Learning! Learning is the heart and soul of our partner’s company and is the ‘why’ behind what they do. Their products help other technology professionals up-level themselves, and in the process up-level the companies they work for. If you’re always trying to improve and help those around you, then we’d love to speak with you! We value diversity in the workplace and encourage women, minorities, and veterans to apply. Thank you!

Job Type: FTE/Perm.

Location: Remote/US

Why work here?

Work from anywhere. The majority of our team works remotely throughout the United States.

We take work-life balance seriously. You’ll work hard while here, but you’ll also have plenty of time to relax and recharge. We recognize the importance of spending time with your family and friends — and having time for your hobbies and passions. 

Enjoy creative freedom. Got ideas that could benefit our learners and organization? We embrace innovation. We are always open to new ideas — and welcome them from everyone on our team.

Get involved in great cause our charitable arm, is committed to making a difference. We support a wide range of issues ranging from education to social justice to supporting military personnel who are transitioning to civilian life. 


 As part of the Development team, work on enterprise-level applications and services to continually improve the learning experience for IT professionals.

Create and maintain applications and frameworks that support the team’s products as well as maintain and improve overall system architecture in addition to implementing new features.

Design and develop innovative software tools, applications, and services that are mission-critical to the success of our initiatives.


  • Strongly support our core values and tenets
    • Respect for people and their time.
    • Friendly, direct communication.
    • Passion for what we do.
    • Emphasis on continual improvement.
    • As a learning company; you will be expected to learn new things on the job and continuously improve your skills.
    • Excel in a collaborative team environment
    • Ensure our customers’ best interest is kept at the forefront of all decisions.
    • Ensure rapid development time for new features and products as well as provide support for those features and products.


  • Write enterprise-level applications and services.
    • Review pre-existing code and provide recommendations to improve performance and maintainability.
    • Add/modify code, perform enhancements that integrate with existing code, and implement new features.
    • Create inline and supplementary documentation for existing and new code.
    • Rapidly fix bugs and solve problems.
    • Mentor and provide guidance to other team members.
    • Proactively look for ways to make our company better.

Technical competencies:

  • Ability to clearly communicate technical concepts and designs to non-developers.
    • Ability to maintain a disciplined approach to testing and quality assurance.
    • Experience with RESTful technologies.
    • Experience leveraging open-source projects.
    • Familiarity with Agile frameworks (Scrum, Kanban, etc.).
    • Proficiency with Git version control.
    • Proficiency with event-driven architectures and design patterns.

Skills that are required:

  • Proficiency programming or scripting in TypeScript, in particular Node.js and/or React.js
    • Proficiency with AWS, DynamoDB, and NoSQL
    • Proficiency with Rockset and SQL
    • Proficiency with Test Driven Development
    • Proficiency with Git revision control
    • Experience writing web services
    • Experience with modern JavaScript libraries
    • Experience using Amazon Web Services (AWS Lambda, S3, Kinesis, etc)
    • Experience in object-oriented programming and service-oriented architecture
    • Detailed understanding of web technologies, including web services and web application servers
    • Independent thinker and self-starter
    • Attention to detail
    • Collaborative and comfortable working on a team

Skills that are preferred but not required:

  • Ability to develop applications that are cross-browser compatible.
    • Familiarity with AsanaJira and Confluence.
    • Familiarity with AWS Kinesis, Kafka, or other stream processing technology.
    • Experience with Data Pipelines and/or ETL systems.
    • Experience with Docker, Nginx, and Nginx configuration.
    • Experience working on various different MVC frameworks.
    • Experience with HTML and CSS, as well as compiled CSS (LESS, SASS, etc.).
    • Knowledge and understanding of React Hook.
    • Proficiency with monitoring systems such as Grafana, Kibana, AWS Cloudwatch, or ElasticSearch.
    • Understanding of common development tools such as Babel, Webpack, and Yarn.
    • Curiosity AssertivenessA love of IT and/or technology
    • Ability to be proficient with an Apple laptop
    • Proficiency with Gmail, Google Docs, Slack, and internal software

Attitude required:

  • Honesty, humility, and integrity
    • Inclusive and respectful
    • Strong work ethic
    • Passion for programming
    •  Passion for our learners’ success
    • Comfortable with autonomy
    • Eager to add new skills and grow professionally
    • Understand and appreciate the value of teamwork
    • Care about our mission