ServiceNow Adoption and Training Contractor

We are looking for a 6-month effort to create a robust adoption, marketing, and training campaign for a new Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) platform, ServiceNow. This effort is targeting both internal employees as well as external customers and will be multifaceted in its goals and deliverables, driving employee engagement with ServiceNow and the self-help portal. If you are seeking a dynamic, very stable, and friendly workplace, this is where you belong. We value and encourage diversity in the workplace and women, minorities, and veterans are highly encouraged to apply. Thank you!


Portland, OR


Specific campaign adoption goals are three-fold:

1.      ServiceNow adoption and training for employees

2.      ServiceNow adoption and training for power-user customers

3.      Marketing and overall adoption of ServiceNow Customer Service Portal


·      Develop a 6-month training, marketing, and adoption plan. The plan would include:

o  Creation, progress tracking, and communication of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) including a plan to measure employee experience and satisfaction and definition of project success.

o  Definition of communication and adoption project and timelines, identifying core team including sponsor, early adopters, champions, and other stakeholders

o  Identification of promotional assets and organization launch event that announces ServiceNow and clarifies expected outcomes and timelines to user base

o  Focus on delivering varied and continuous communications and reminders offering varying methods for differing learning styles such as developing content for use via intranet, e-mail, promotional videos, in-person training sessions, talking points, training sessions, banners, gamification/contests, meeting announcements, etc. 

o  Identification of resources and support options for users who want to learn more about ServiceNow

o  Partner with Support Center and other staff to develop on-boarding materials and group orientation packages and sessions.

o  Identify tasks and develop checklists and procedures for components of the program that will be ongoing.

Minimum Technology Tools Experience:

·      PowerPoint

·      Photoshop

·      MS Teams

Character Traits:

·      Good active listening skills

·      Strong written communication skills

·      Strong time management skills and can proactively self-manage

·      Able to learn quickly and adapt to changes

·      Able to interact with diverse work and skill sets

·      Able to mentor staff and develop trust as a training development contractor

Must have prior experience developing and implementing similar campaigns