Manager of Software Engineering

We are an early stage startup, we are looking for an ambitious software engineering professional to lead our existing engineering team, and grow his or her career in lockstep with our business success. We are building a mobile-first platform and are looking to grow our team. If you are a player/coach and can still code and also lead and manage other software engineers, then we should at the least have a conversation about this role. Please do send us your resume and do know we value diversity in the workplace and encourage women, minorities, and veterans to apply. Thank you! 

Type: Full-Time

Location: Portland, OR

About You. The ideal candidate has progressed through the experience levels as a development engineer, and has built a foundation of solid and proven competency in the concept, planning, and implementation of complex software solutions. Having earned the respect and trust of peers and stakeholders, the transition into a leadership role has come naturally and added the satisfaction of a greater reach. Never having lost the love of good craftsmanship and proud sense of ownership of a product well built, you retain your love for hands-on work but are excited to gain or continue management experience.

The Role. In leading our engineering team, you will find the sweet spot between strategizing, planning, creating, organizing, mentoring and leading, without giving up the creative and hands-on aspect of collaboratively building a new software product that is shaped not only by the initial vision of the founders, but also by team brainstorming and strategizing, experimentations, and in reaction to early feedback from the market.

The Stack. You should be proficient in, or able to readily adapt to, React or Flutter as well as node.js. You should be in the Portland, Oregon area.

The Mission. Our mission is to improve the experience of being a citizen by building a platform for citizens to connect with each other, political candidates, elected officials and government agencies, while making the problems of misinformation and abusive or toxic behavior on the internet smaller. If you believe in this mission and the role description above sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you.

Funding is stable, and the position includes salary, benefits and equity.