Our partner is a world leader in transportation equipment, leasing and asset management. They are in need of an outstanding DevOps Engineer, who has done a little programming. To get onboard with this great company and work for a truly wonderful human please apply today. We value diversity in the workplace and encourage women, minorities, and veterans to apply. Thank you!                            


Location: Remote

Type: Perm or Possible CTH


Position Summary

We are looking for a motivated, proactive, and collaborative DevOps Engineer to join a team building and maintaining components and services in Azure Cloud. You will design, build and operate cloud infrastructure to enable reliable and rapid CI/CD in our environment. You should be familiar with CI/CD, configuration management, infrastructure-as-code, and containerization technologies. You will help establish standards, practices and innovative solutions that will be used across all microservices. You will be responsible for automating deployments, managing infrastructure, monitoring and reviewing logs, and ensuring that security controls are implemented in compliance with security requirements and best practices.


Primary Responsibilities

• Assist the engineering team in evaluating, selecting and implementing the best technical solutions to build cloud native microservices

• Participate in architectural design and design tradeoff decisions

• Manage releases and monitor deployment using CI/CD tools and version control

• Continuously and iteratively improve the release process to reduce the release cycle, with the goal of CI/CD

• Implement, monitor, and maintain active and passive monitoring solutions

• Support the security team assisting in reviewing, selecting and implementing appropriate security controls

• Share experience and insight with other engineers and seek opportunities to improve processes


Experience and Qualifications

• 2-6+ years of DevOps experience (5+ years for a Senior position)

• General Software Build Processes for .NET, Go, Java, etc.

• Azure: AKS, Storage, Key Vault, VM Scale Sets, vNets and Networking, Azure AD, RBAC, Security

• Kubernetes: Deployments, ConfigMap Secrets, Buildpacks, CoreDNS, Hashicorp Vault, etc.

• Kafka (Strimzi or Confluent Operators)

• Microservices General Principles

• Experience planning and designing cloud solution architectures

• Linux Fundamentals and Scripting

• Source Code & Configuration Management

• CI/CD: Build process for .Net, Go, Java, etc.; Azure DevOps Pipelines with YAML; GitHub, GitOps, Jenkins/JenkinsX, etc.

• Continuous Testing & Monitoring

• Infrastructure as Code (Terraform, Ansible, Puppet, or Chef)

• Understanding of IP Networking & Database Administration

• Continuous Testing Principles

• Containerization and Orchestration of Containers

• TLS Certificates & Cloud Native / Security

• General Software Build Processes for .NET, Go, Java, etc.

• Docker: Docker Compose, Dockerfile, Container runtimes, containerd, cri-o

• Kubernetes: Deployments, ConfigMap Secrets, Buildpacks, CoreDNS, Hashicorp Vault, etc.

• Ingress Controllers: Gloo, nginx, Istio, Contour

• Service Meshes: Istio/Envoy, LinkerD


Other Helpful Tools and Techniques

• ElasticSearch and Kibana (ECK)

• Postgres (CrunchyData or Stackgres)

• MongoDb (Atlas Administration)


If you don’t check all the tech boxes but this sounds like the place for you, please reach out.