Engineers on the our Platform/SRE team (with the Site Reliability Engineering specialty) utilize software

to automate operational tasks that enable the platform to address developer enablement, scalability,

and reliability problems. We are primarily looking for smart people with a drive to learn and

collaborate. We’re looking for candidates who have an interest in one of the following: data intensive

progressing, data warehouses, stream processing, graph databases, distributed engineering, and/or

processing data at petabyte+ scale. Whether you come from the Dev side or the DevOps/SRE side of engineering and have experienced a little bit of both – please reach out. We value diversity in the workplace and encourage women, minorities, and veterans to apply. Thank you! 

Type: full-time

Location: Remote

What Our Technology Looks Like:

  • Our services are all in Go and hosted on GCP
  • The data pipeline is a collection of distributed services, processing billions of events per day, using a Lambda Architecture
  • We’ve built a unique data storage layer using cutting-edge graph and information retrieval technologies
  • We provide access to data through multiple APIs and systems
  • Our customers interact with us via a SQL-like interface, which gets translated into AST which is evaluated by our data layer


  • 3+ years of software engineering, or equivalent, experience in a modern programming language (we use Go)
  • Experience in scripting tools like PowerShell or Bash
  • Experience using Infrastructure as Code and Configuration Management tools to provision and manage complex systems (we use Terraform, Ansible, and Kubernetes)
  • Experience in building and maintaining CI/CD pipelines
  • Built, deployed, and hosted applications in a major cloud provider and understand the
  • technologies that make this possible, including DNS, Load Balancing, Security Groups, and
  • Cloud Networking (We use GCP)
  • Experience with Git and understand the role that version control and effective, positive code review has in building great software
  • A strong understanding of the software development life cycle, and often find yourself seeking and sharing ideas on how to make it better

Key Responsibilities:

  • Write code that defines cloud infrastructure in reusable, composable building blocks
  • Measure and improve performance, uptime, cost effectiveness, stability and other operational characteristics of the distributed systems underlying Zapproved applications
  • Collaborate, educate, and work across teams to streamline and scale building and shipping software through improved tooling, automation, and communication
  • Design automation and processes that eliminate toil, speed up development, and reflect our
  • focus on security and compliance

Extra Credit

  • You have experience with container management, using tools like Kubernetes and Docker
  • You are equally adept on Windows, Mac and Linux
  • You are capable of building and debugging large-scale distributed systems
  • You are data-driven and analytical in your approach to solving problems
  • GCP
  • Go Lang

Why Work Here?

You will be working on a small team of talented and passionate engineers. Since the team is small, each individual is given a lot of freedom and responsibility to manage their day-to-day activities. Projects are not spec sheets handed down to the engineering teams; they are open-ended problem statements that are solved and implemented by the same people.

We are also serious about testing and automation. We want to focus on shipping great features and iterating on our designs. Because of this, continuous integration and continuous deployment are both very important to us. You will get to take advantage of this on Day One.

We are committed to communicating projects and transparency. GitHub is our primary tool for source control, code review, issue tracking, and project planning. Everyone in our organization is given access to be a part of the conversation. For everything else, there is Slack.

We value the developer community at large and believe that the best way for the world to have great software is if great minds are sharing. This is why we find ways to take the tools we write and turn them into open source projects usable by other people facing similar challenges.

In addition our team is professional, open with sharing ideas and leadership is more than ready to help provide guidance on making you successful.

We recruit and reward employees based on performance and capability, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, educational background, national origin, religion, or physical ability.

Our goal is to create an environment where everyone, from any background, can do their best work. We know that the best ideas & the best solutions happen when people bring their uniqueness to work with them. Inclusion is an integral part of how we leverage that uniqueness into our company. Creating a culture of equality and respect isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also the smart thing. Diverse companies are more innovative and better positioned to succeed in emerging technologies.


We are committed to taking care of our team, and along with providing a competitive salary and great benefits for employees and their families, we are dedicated to making sure there are a variety of methods for staff to grow their skills and further their careers. Benefits include affordable health insurance, 401K, flexible PTO, stock options, remote work connectivity benefits, life insurance and disability plans.