2779 Staff DevOps Engineer/Team Lead

Location: Remote


We are looking for a Staff DevOps Engineer with experience building secure, highly available, robust solutions. Our infrastructure is built on a modern, cloud-based, infrastructure-as-code architecture and so it’s key that you have experience with technologies like AWS, Docker, etc. We are taking care of and securing our patient data, and you’ll need a strong security mindset as well. If this role interests you, we’d love to chat and please send your resume to careers@itmotives.com. We value diversity in the workplace and encourage women, minorities, and veterans to apply. Thank you!

Job Type: FTE

Additional Information:

Your Responsibilities Include:

• Help establish the vision for how our infrastructure should work, then do the work to make that vision a reality

• Improve, update, and maintain the Terraform code that builds our infrastructure

• Support our engineering teams by instilling a DevOps culture and empowering/enabling engineers to be self-service

• Educate engineers on DevOps best practices and mentor junior DevOps team members

• Keep our infrastructure reliable and resilient so that we can serve patients without interruption

• Establish processes and systems for responding to urgent incidents

• Manage SaaS tools that integrate with core infrastructure

The ideal candidate will have:

• Experience working with public cloud platforms, and AWS in particular

• Experience with Docker and container management platforms

• Experience using Terraform or other infrastructure-as-code solutions

• Experience with CI/CD pipelines and the cloud-based tools that support them

• Experience with application performance monitoring

• Experience with log aggregation and analysis

• Experience maintaining applications in a Linux environment

• Strong scripting skills in languages like bash, python, and/or JavaScript

• Familiarity with good security practices at all levels of the stack: cloud, network, and host

• Experience leading/mentoring and possibly even managing others