2777 Senior Software Engineer

Location: Remote


If you are interested to work for a company that is a leader in the clinical trials space and yet still a start-up, keep reading! We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join our team and if based on what you read here with our posting you think you’re the right person, we would love to hear from you! Please send your resume to careers@itmotives.com, and do know we value and encourage diversity in the workplace and women, minorities, and veterans are highly encouraged to apply. Thank you!

Job Type: FTE

Additional Information:


• Participate on a decentralized, agile-based software development team. May serve as scrum master or team lead for smaller development groups.

• Write reusable, testable, and efficient code, unit-test and document implemented features

• Design and implementation of low-latency, high-availability, and performant applications

• Implementation of server-side models and algorithms

• Implementation of web service APIs (REST)

• Implementation of client-side logic, including UX design, HTML layouts and templates, AngularJS logic, and styling

• Implementation of security and data protection

• Integration of data storage solutions

• Mentor less experienced members of the team

Required Experience:

The position requires a minimum of 5–10 years’ experience as a Senior Software Engineer or Engineering Lead in an agile environment working with web-based applications. The skills listed below are those of a full-stack software engineer, with the understanding that each software engineer has his/her own “spikes” or preferred areas.


• Design and implementation of complex web applications

• Strong JS coding skills (+ experience with functional programming and high order functions libraries such as lodash)

• Strong skills with AngularJS/Angular ( ++ if experience with upgrading from AngularJS to Angular, ReactJS or any other framework is a nice +)

• Strong UI and UX/web design skills (CSS3, SCSS).

• Experience with reactive programming in JS (RxJS, NgRx).

• Experience with responsive design applications (e.g. Material Design)


• Experience with ORM (Object Relational Mapping)

• Design and implementation of service web APIs such as Django/Django Rest Framework, Express.js or any Node.js framework

• Experience with modern application frameworks such as Django or Ruby on Rails.

• Experience with Object Oriented Programming

• Experience with micro-services / loosely coupled applications using multiple data sources and interfaces

• Good understanding of how databases work and how to use them efficiently

• Experience with functional programming / higher order functions is a plus


• Understanding of accessibility and security compliance

• Knowledge of user authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments

• Understanding of fundamental design principles behind a scalable application

• Strong unit test and debugging skills

• Proficient understanding of modern development environment tools such as Git (GitHub, Bitbucket) or Mercurial, JIRA or other issue tracking systems, Jenkins or other continuous integration software.

• Familiarity with regulations pertaining to the FDA or other regulatory agencies a plus

• Experience with cloud-based applications and virtualization is a plus (Docker, EC2, S3)

Education and/or Certification Requirements:

• A Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering or equivalent field is required, with preference towards Master’s degree or higher.

• 5–10 years experience in a development role in an agile development environment, preferably with some leadership or management experience.