2671 Network/Systems Administrator

Location: Vancouver, WA

We are searching for an experienced Network Administrator who also has some Systems experience as well. We are an iconic Pacific Northwest local brand and we have a huge following and many long-term customers! If you are interested to learn about this great opportunity, we would love to speak with you. Please send your resume to and do know we value and encourage diversity in the workplace and women, minorities, and veterans are highly encouraged to apply. Thank you!

Job Type: FTE

Additional Information:
More about this role:
We are looking for someone to completely own our network. This role requires a mid to senior level Network Administrator who can come into our environment, assess where we are, triage our current issues, and put together a longer-term plan to drive us to the future.

We have historically outsourced our network to an MSP and we’ve decided to transition this back in-house. In your first 30-90 days you’ll own our transition and migration plan of our network back to our corporate data center. Approximately 70% of this role will be networking-based and the other 30% is systems type of work. With this role, you will have a ton of autonomy and authority to be our go-to person for all things networking.

Daily Responsibilities/Day in the Life:
• Establish and implement a network performance monitoring program
• Identify, install, and maintain upgrades to the network
• Troubleshoot and repair company networking performance needs, failures, and necessary functions
• Oversee user access to the network, establishing needed User Access controls for all networked resources
• Update and manage system backups and ensuring proper Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery plans are updated and ready for deployment in case of a business emergency
• Create, update, and maintain a physical library of network topology maps for our entire system
• Create network access policy and protocols, and actively assist the business as new innovations require networked access to ensure overall systems integrity and appropriate controls.
• Manage and provide troubleshoot/support for networked printing and file sharing services
• Provide support and troubleshooting to end users
• Be available for after hours and on-call support
• Take day trips to our customers out in the field to help them with their networking needs

Strategic Responsibilities:
• Be the go-to person for the establishment of best practices for the organization as it relates to all things networking.
• Help plan network infrastructure for new applications and services
• Provide ongoing consultation with business for the purchase/deployment of new network systems as a company or organization needs change, inclusive of cellular extensions to core network and/or networking appliances such as IOT devices.
• Liaison with Cybersecurity/InfoSec company and third party resources related to perimeter security monitoring and threat assessment
• Integrate mobile devices into the organization's networks, both company-provided technology devices and reasonable personal devices, establishing a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and onboarding documentation/training as needed.

Your Background:
• Experience in a Windows environment and especially be proficient with Active Directory
• Knowledge and experience with firewalls with a preference for SonicWall firewalls
• Good understanding of network topology in a distributed multi-unit business
• 5-7 years Network Administration
• Experience with Systems Administration
• Ability to interact and communicate with several levels of people within the organization, from upper management to peers to our business partners in the field
• Excellent project planning skills and be able to self-manage and self-motivate
• Have reliable transportation to drive out in the field to work with our customers

Physical Demands:
• Moderate lifting up to 40 pounds and the ability to safely climb ladders while carrying 40 pounds
• Body mobility to stoop, kneel, bend and reach as well as the ability to sit for extended periods of time.
• The ability to move safely over uneven terrain or in confined spaces
• The ability to work in extreme weather
• Dexterity to write and manipulate computer keyboard and mouse for extended period
• Ability to hear and speak clearly both in person and via telephone