2495 Software Engineer

Location: Salem, OR

Our client is the largest 3rd party provider of product rentals on Amazon. Focused on real-time analysis of available market data to perform tens of thousands of pricing operations each minute. As part of the development team, you will enjoy a great compensation package, flexible hours with exceptional work-life balance, a focus on learning and professional growth, and a relaxed environment. If this is the challenge you seek please send your resume to We value diversity in the workplace and encourage women, minorities, and veterans to apply. Thank you!

Job Type: FTE

Additional Information:
The Position:
The Software Engineer is responsible for augmenting the Software Engineering department by contributing to our software stack with reliable, scalable, and flexible software. The candidate must be a passionate learner.

· Provide business value to company software stack.
· Give and receive critical feedback in a constructive and cordial manner.
· Participate in code review in a timely manner and identifies issues.
· Understand languages and frameworks leveraged by the team.
· Follow official coding language standards.
· Adopt team coding standards.
· Participates in pairing and shares new techniques.
· Able to translate acceptance criteria to working software.
· Continuously demonstrate improvements to skill set.
· Regularly looks for areas to improve existing code-base during daily activities.
· Document work as needed

Experience and Skills: Candidate must be able to leverage, give detailed explanations, and recognize use cases for the following concepts:
· SOLID Design Principles
· Relational databases; queries that join datasets and / or include subqueries
· ORM Frameworks; Dapper and Entity Framework
· Web application programming concerns
· Asynchronous programming
· Inversion of control and dependency injection
· Dependency Injection Frameworks; Microsoft, Autofac, or similar
· Containerization: Docker, ECS or Kubernetes
· N-Tier application architecture
· Serverless application architecture
· Source control
· Azure DevOps

Candidate must be able to, at a high level, leverage and understand:
· Common design patterns
· Garbage collection and memory management concepts
· Big-O Notation; Performance & Complexity Concepts