2404 Senior Polyglot Software Engineer

Location: Portland, OR

If you’re a polyglot type of mindset, have expertise in one part of the stack, but are more than willing to work up and down the entire stack, and find solving the business problems as something that really motivates you, then we would like to speak with you. Please send your resume to, and do know we value diversity in the workplace and encourage women, minorities, and veterans to apply. Thank you!

Job Type: FTE

Additional Information:
Here's more about this role and the company:
Our engineering team is solving a broad, constantly-evolving range of technical problems. Such as 400 qps of live traffic on a handful of JVMs on Container Engine, JavaScript embedded in some of the world's largest websites, a scalable data warehouse on Google Cloud, rich user- and publisher- facing webapps in React, native apps in a mix of native code and React Native, and several different integration libraries.

Our secret is pretty simple: hire people who bring an area of expertise but are excited to learn new things and work across the stack, then never stop trying to improve our efficiency and versatility. We believe that smart, inquisitive, proactive people with the right foundation are more nimble than a team of siloed specialists. We are looking for great engineers (ideally senior) who can help make the right decisions in their domain, but they can also contribute to any technical discussion, pitch in where needed, or implement an idea for a feature on their own, front-to-back.

Must have
• Broad technical experience, most of...
Several programming languages, including at least one compiled language (Java/C#, C/C++, ObjectiveC/Swift, or Go). Java NOT specifically needed.
• Experience with variety of databases (SQL, noSQL, etc)
• Frontend or client experience
• Systems experience (devops, scripting, monitoring, security)
• Either many years experience or strong trajectory, open to new technologies
• Depth in some technical area—really understands the why and how, not just how to use
• Initiative, ambition, grit
a. Side projects carried through to completion
b. Pushed for change outside of core work in past jobs
c. Broad ownership, not just building features or doing tickets
d. Make smart decisions about priority, tradeoffs
• Generally smart and quick. Articulate and methodical communicator.
• Humble and excited about learning
• Practical and product-driven: effect of technology more important than specific technologies
• Thoughtful about business and industry
• Curious about technology, keeps up with trends

Nice to have
• Top school, CS degree, or both
• Non-enterprisey experience
• Strongly prefer "modern" consumer-ish startups or national top-tier tech companies like Google, Facebook, etc.
• Browser-side JavaScript experience beyond building UIs with React
• Vanilla JS
• Embedding in other sites
• Security work
• Component building
• Visualizations
• Someone we can trust able to vouch strongly for fit and skill

If this sounds even a little like you and you want to work with an incredible team on problems that have a major impact on the future of the web, reach out!