2409 Lead DevOps Engineer (AWS)

Location: Portland, OR

We are looking for a Lead DevOps Engineer to help us with things such as implementing strategies for continuous deployment to our Cloud-based infrastructure. This is a very cutting-edge opportunity as we’re working with many of the latest tools and technologies, and so if you’re interested would we love to hear from you! Please send your resume to We value and encourage diversity in the workplace and women, minorities, and veterans are highly encouraged to apply. Thank you.

Job Type: FTE

Additional Information:
More about this role:
This role is responsible for the design and implementation of applications’ build, release, deployment, and configuration activities.

Other responsibilities include working with functional and technical teams to identify requirements, implement/update solutions, perform quality reviews, lead operations, triage and resolve operational issues, and assist in the architectural design of new solutions.

This role will also act as the technical mentor for a highly skilled group of platform infrastructure developers as well. We look for people to communicate collaboratively at the highest technical levels with customer peers, partners, vendors, and leadership. And so because of that, the soft skills necessary for this role are really key for us.

Experience with:
-Configuration management tools & processes
-Source code repository tools
-Multiple programming languages
-OS scripting and tools
-Relational databases
-Networking concepts and protocols

Non-technical skills:
-Effective written and verbal communication and collaboration skills
-Excellent troubleshooting and problem-solving skills
-Frequent, incremental code, testing and deployment
-Demonstrated knowledge of a broad range of hardware and software products
-Demonstrated ability to analyze and interpret complex problems or processes, identify and understand requirements, and develop alternate solution
-Demonstrated ability designing, developing, testing, and deploying applications/systems using proven or emerging technologies and environments

Experience working in:
-Applications, systems, or IT operations
-Platform development (PaaS/IaaS) environment
-An Agile team environment

Other desired skills & competencies:
-Infrastructure as Code
-AWS – EC2, S3, VPC, RDS, IAM, CloudWatch, DynamoDB, Lambda, Redshift, CloudFormation, Security/IAM, Systems Manager
-Elasticsearch, Kibana
-Python, Go, others