2116 Software Engineer – Ruby (Senior)

Location: Portland, OR

We’re looking to add thoughtful problem solvers with people skills to our engineering team. The team is small, nimble, highly skilled and collaborative. We are working to deliver better healthcare outcomes for our growing populations, while reducing costs. We practice code-based prototyping, RSpec test development, and pull request code reviews (ticket tracking, acceptance testing, etc.) to produce high-quality code and improve our products. Please send your resume to We value diversity in the workplace and strongly encourage women, minorities, and veterans to apply. Thank you.

Job Type: FTE

Additional Information:
Applicants should have:
- Familiarity with the Ruby programming language, and preferably experience implementing a project with Rails.
- Professional industry experience (in any profession!)
- A willingness to adopt our development practices - We use a light style of Kanban, review pull requests, and write test code.
- Familiarity with PostgreSQL, Chef and AWS deployments are important but can be taught.
- 5+ years of overall Software Engineering experience
- Leadership Qualities
- Technical Community/Ecosystem involvement – You present at Meetups & Conferences

We value team members from all disciplines and backgrounds who:
- Can self-manage; when given a goal, can focus and create
- Cares about our clients and patients, not just the code
- Willing to keep learning new tools and languages
- Cares about doing good work; likes to improve practices
- Able communicator; willing to help teammates make informed choices
- Able to work constructively in a group