2111 Mobile Developer

Location: Portland, OR

Our client is looking for a Mobile Developer to help them with a variety of projects to help support their end users. This is a small, niche startup that creates software for the retail automotive space. Ideally the right candidate will have some cross platform experience with Xamarin, and you will be working on both Android and iOS Apps. This could potentially be a nice role for someone “less experienced” but you must have a strong work ethic and be able to work independently and to that end this is a fully remote role, but you must live in metro Portland so you can routinely meet with the team. Please send your resume to We value diversity in the workplace and strongly encourage women, minorities, and veterans to apply. Thank you.

Job Type: Contract

Additional Information:
Experience that is a must:
· C#
· Microsoft Visual Studio
· Some knowledge of Android and iOS development.

Other very important experience would be:
· Xamarin
· In depth experience in Android and/or iOS App development

Other slightly import experience would be:
· Microsoft.NET
· MySQL or SQL
· ASPX files