2029 Polyglot JavaScript Developer

Location: Portland, OR

We are looking for a dynamic Software Engineer who is a full-stack JavaScript type of person in nature, and we are doing all new Greenfield work for a large global distributed system. This would be working on a close-knit passionate team of high performers, so if you would like to push technology boundaries and accelerate your career, please send us your resume to And do know we value diversity in the workplace and encourage women, minorities, and veterans to apply. Thank you!

Job Type: FTE

Additional Information:
- We have been purchasing companies and we’re growing.
- The company is super stable and rock solid.
- This Team is empowered to fix real business decisions through the software we create.
- It’s all new Greenfield, Cloud type of work. There are fun challenges such as transcribing audio for a big client we are working with.
- Our Team has been together for the better part of 3 years so we get along great.
About Us:
- Portland, OR based, close-in eastside location.
- 10 people on the Team currently, and looking to hire 2 more software developers.
- We are building a senior level type of organization for the most part.
- We use JS on the front-end, and our backend is Node, AWS, Lambda focused.
- You will be part of a Team that will push you and make you better.
- Experience with 2 different JavaScript frameworks such as Angular, Backbone, Ember, or Knockout. We feel all of them have issues with their patterns so we want someone who isn’t fanatical about one framework. Our applications are mostly (non-JavaScript framework) electron-based, but are we are doing more work with Vue.JS. Any kind of CSS, HTML experience is helpful but we have people who do that side of the front-end.
- Backend experience ideally in NodeJS, but we will consider other backend languages so long as you’re cool working in Node.
- We are looking for people who have made web applications vs. a marketing website that is more stand-alone in nature.
- Someone who learns quickly and are self-guided. We want to hand you a story and have you break it down and take it from there, or involve the appropriate people on the team to help you if you need help.