2416 DevOps Engineer

Location: Portland, OR

Our client is one of the industry leaders in the Electronic Freight Matching Business. Your experience as a DevOps Engineer will be directly helping goods and products get transported all over the nation and beyond. You would be working with a bunch of very sharp people who are empowered by management. They have a beautiful office specifically designed to be collaboration friendly. If this is the kind of position and company you’d be interested in - please send your resume to We value and encourage diversity in the workplace and women, minorities, and veterans are highly encouraged to apply. Thank you.

Job Type: FTE

Additional Information:
We are looking for a talented DevOps Engineer, with approximately 2-5 years experience in DevOps, who can contribute their skills and gain experience in building and running a world class SaaS environment. You’ll be supporting escalations within incident and problem management, infrastructure tools, automating software deployments and improving the continuous integration process. You’ll also work closely with the client product engineering teams to ensure products are secure, highly available and scalable.

This position offers an outstanding opportunity for a highly-motivated individual who possesses development/deployment/operations services background; who is comfortable working with a skilled and rapidly changing technical environment.

The ideal candidate possesses strong problem-solving skills and a knowledge of industry best practices. This is an opportunity to apply your DevOps experience and scripting skills to automate scaling, management of server resources and to facilitate DevOps practices.

DevOps Engineer Primary Responsibilities
- Delivering production code at a regular cadence using Agile techniques, tools and methodologies
- Building automation tools and components to aid in installation and provisioning of cloud-based applications in AWS, Azure or similar cloud providers
- Automating the deployment of products and services and actively monitors to ensure uptime and effective performance of applications
- Participate in managing entire deployment process
- Participate in the implementation of software projects
- Contribute to designing, and developing reliable and maintainable applications

DevOps Engineer Required Skills and Qualifications
- Familiarity with continuous integration/delivery/deployment process
- Experience with builds and packaging in a Linux/Java/node.js/.NET environment strongly preferred (Maven, NPM, etc)
- Exposure to AWS (EC2, ELB, S3) or other comparable cloud providers
- Background in managing revision control systems (GitHub/BitBucket, Artifactory, Nexus)
- Experience with infrastructure automation tooling utilizing tools such as Terraform and Cloudformation
- Experience with configuration management concepts and software such as Ansible
- Solid understanding in Linux/Unix fundamentals (kernel runtime configuration, namespaces, cgroups, networking - specifically as it relates to containerization)
- Experience with enterprise monitoring solutions such as AppDyanmics, New Relic, Prometheus and Splunk
- Demonstrated ability with at least one scripting language (Python, Bash, perl, Ruby)
- Experience with containerization technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes
- Ability to use a wide variety of open source technologies
- Experience with agile and test-driven development practices, including automated unit testing frameworks and continuous integration products
- Outstanding interpersonal and written communication skills
- A passion for high quality results
- Team player capable of high performance and flexibility in a dynamic working environment
- Deep commitment to ongoing professional development and learning
- Ability to accurately estimate tasks and track personal work
- Ability to work effectively with a wide variety of professional staff from varied disciplines and industries

DevOps Engineer Experience in the following technologies a plus
- js
- Java

DevOps Engineer Education and Experience
Bachelor's degree in computer science or other equivalent engineering or science field, plus Linux system administrator experience with an emphasis on configuration management and automation.